As one of the manufacturers in China, we, China Sanxing, have dedicated ourselves to developing and producing various roll forming machines since 1992. Our main products include Curving Roof Forming Machine, no-girder automatic building machine, PU sandwich panel machine, EPS-rock wool PU sandwich panel machine, just to name a few. Our steel engineering machines can produce the roof panel and wall panel that are widely used in the steel constructions. In addition, we at Sanxing can also construct projects around the world, and help you to design and build buildings.

Main Products
    1. CNC Screw Joint Arch Steel Building Forming Machine The CNC screw joint arch steel building forming machine operates in the workshop making buildings easy to install, move and relocate. Sanxing Machinery Technology has developed this equipment to able to cut, bend and form panels with 9 m to 42 m width in 21 standard types.
    1. SUBM Super Ultimate Building Machine, SX-600-305 The SX-600-305 (super ultimate building machine) is a kind of mobile factory system used in construction fields to make metal houses, hangars or shelters with precision and safety. It works fast, is durable and simple to operate at 40% - 60% of the cost that other methods use.
    1. SABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, SX-600-305 The SX-600-305 SABM Qspan arch steel roof machine is built with all steel and burnished aluminum construction. This machine has precision forming rollers which come with hard chrome plating. Its decoiling device has inside diameter adjustable from 45 cm to 66 cm and it offers a capacity of 2,300 kg.
    1. SABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, SX-914-650 Each roller of the Kspan arch steel roof machine are forged with high quality 45# structural steel. They are all processed and reach 13 to 15 steps. Our Kspan arch steel roof machine is used to construct warehouses, workshops, buildings, highways and more.
    1. SABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, SX-1000-550 The SX-1000-550 SABM K Q span arch roof roll forming machine is easy to operate and features outstanding quality on the finished products. It has an arch sheet production components capable of 13 meters/minute and sewing at 6 meters/minute.
    1. EPS Sandwich Panel Machine The EPS sandwich panel machine has stylish appearance, low noise and high efficiency. Besides corrugated sandwich panels, it can produce simple corrugated sheets. Through an advanced PLC, it sets the panel length and cuts it automatically.
    1. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Different from other Z purlin roll forming machines, this machine adopts pre-cutting technique, which was invented by our big boss. Since it cuts before the Z shape is formed, so that the cutting part can be much saved.
    1. Concealed Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine Concealed roof panel roll forming machine is an updated generation of traditional roll forming machine, which haves successfully solved the problem of leakage. The line mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet guiding equipment, roll forming system, post-cutting equipment, and computer control cabinet.
    1. Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine The roll forming machine is composed of the base, coils guiding equipment, roll forming system, pressing equipment, past-cutting equipment, hydraulic station, and computer control cabinet.